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These are various activities and worksheets that have been put together for this website. Please understand that these are not meant to be a substitution for therapy or other professional help. 

Worksheets From Other Sources:

More Grounding Techniques: Includes instructions for the 5-4-3-2-1 method. (Click on preview to see worksheet.) 

Triggers:  defines what triggers are and encourages developing strategies to deal with triggers. (Click on preview to see worksheet.) 

DBT Specific Worksheets : 
Accepts: 7 techniques for distracting yourself from distressing emotions until they pass. (Click on preview to see worksheet.) 

Dear Man: Outlines strategy for communicating effectively. Helps to express needs and wants in a respectful way. (Click on preview to see worksheet.) 

Mindfulness Activity (Click on preview to see worksheet.) 

Make a
Self Care box. This can be helpful to have for difficult times. 

Location Specific Resources:


North America

Other Resources:


Resources for Everyone

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