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Coping Skills

Crisis/Distress Coping Skills


Long-term Coping Skills

  • Accessing therapy (if you need, here is a blog post on tips for finding a therapist, and our page on different types of therapy)

  • Finding a support group (online or in-person)

  • Journaling 

  • Reminding yourself that it wasn't your fault

  • Writing letters to your child self

Self-Care Ideas

  • Bubble bath, face masks, or mani/pedis.

  • Creating a Self Care Box that you can pull out as needed

  • Drink herbal tea or a favourite drink of yours

  • Going for a walk

  • Reading a good book

Coping Skill Ideas/Guides

Mental Health Apps (free & paid)

  • ACT Coach (managing negative thoughts, tracking progress)

  • AETAS (dealing with obsessive thoughts)

  • Aware (mindfulness) 

  • Booster Buddy (Coping skills, tracking progress, motivation)

  • Breathe2relax (mindfulness, breathing techniques)

  • Daylio (mood tracker)

  • DBT Diary and Skills Coach (DBT therapy, tracking progress)

  • Depression CBT Self Help Guide (coping skills, tracking progress)

  • eMoods (bipolar disorder mood log)

  • Fear Tools (anxiety and depression help)

  • Happify (positive thinking)

  • Hello Cruel World (Suicide prevention)

  • How are you (mood log)

  • Mindshift (Shifting thinking, coping skills)

  • MoodTools (depression aid)

  • Operation Reach Out (suicide prevention)

  • PTSD Coach (stress reduction, coping skills)

  • SAM (anxiety help)

  • Step Away (drug and alcohol abuse)

  • Vent (venting)

  • What’s up? (grounding, self help, coping skills)

  • Worry Watch (anxiety diary)

Click here for Info on Healing

Click here for Myths about Healing

This page is forever a work-in-progress as we discover new coping mechanisms to share.  If you have any suggestions, feel free to contact us.

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