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Examples of "Yes"

Verbal (some of these are also good ways to ask for someone else's consent)

  • I like ___

  • Keep going

  • Can we ___?

  • It feels so good when you ___


Non-verbal (remember non-verbal consent is often much more ambiguous than verbal consent, so be careful and if you're not sure, ask the other person if things are okay)

  • Leaning in for a kiss (this is an example of consent for the kiss, not for anything else)

  • Placing your hand on their body

  • Nodding

  • Giving you a thumbs-up

  • Pulling you closer

Examples of "No"


  • I don't really feel like it.

  • I'm tired/busy/not in the mood

  • Maybe later/maybe sometime

  • I'm not sure if I'm ready

  • Stop


  • Turning away or pulling away

  • "Closed" body language like crossed arms

  • Freezing, being still, not participating

  • Pushing you away

  • Flinching

Examples of asking for consent


  • What do you want to do or try with me?

  • I want to try ___, do you?

  • I want you to enjoy yourself.  What do you like?

  • May I ___?

  • What do you need to feel comfortable or safe doing ___?

  • Can I kiss you?


  • Opening your arms for a hug

  • Initiating an activity and pausing to see if they give you a verbal or non-verbal yes or no

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