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Frequently Asked Questions - Definitions

COCSA - Child on child sexual abuse. 

CSA - Childhood sexual abuse. Includes both physical forms of it and no contact forms. 

Medical Trauma - A vast term that includes many different things, mostly linked to major emotional distress that occurs as a result of hospital stays, illness, or treatment. Medical trauma includes, but is not limited to: medical procedures, illness, bad treatment experiences, receiving a terrifying diagnosis, bad doctors/nurses, medical abuse or medical neglect. Being in extreme pain and discomfort for long periods of time due to medical issues can also cause medical trauma.
Medical trauma can also happen as a result of the healthcare system. Even if treatment goes smoothly, an individual can still be traumatized. There are cases where the uncertainty of an outcome can be scary. You may undergo a life-saving surgery, or be intubated and while both these things are meant to help you, they are invasive and may make you feel like you don’t have control which is scary and can result in trauma. It’s possible that medical professionals may do everything right, and an individual may still be traumatized due to the emotional distress of a situation. 

NCCSA - No contact childhood sexual abuse. Includes things like forcing a child to watch pornography, taking pictures, online abuse, etc. 

Parentification - This is when a child takes on a parent role like a mediator role, caregiver role or other various things. Emotional parentification may include when a child acts like a therapist to a parent. Instrumental parentification may include but is not limited to: being forced to take care of themselves, their parents, handling the cleaning, the cooking, having to raise their siblings. Etc. 

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Victim Blaming

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